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High Wycombe Senior Competition

On 23rd April 2022, one of our assistant helpers entered their first ever senior competition. Lexi Class-Kirtley although very nervous walked away securing herself a bronze medal. One of our joint members with Ippon Judo also competed, Luke had only being doing judo for 5 weeks - although not coming away with anything demonstrated some very good fights for a novice.

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Kent International 26/06/22

On the 26th June 2022, we had two of our senior members compete at the Kent International Judo Competition. Lexi despite having a black out during her fight, went on to take home a silver medal. While

Surrey Youth Games 2022

After a couple of years not running, the Surrey Youth Games were back up and running. Elmbridge Judo Club were asked to run the Elmbridge Borough Team for Judo. In total we had 13 fighters on the day.


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